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Precise Intelligent Exercise

Pilates aims to improve posture and increase flexibility through controlled strengthening and stretching exercises. In particular the exercises work the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor, helping to create a centre of balance for the body, improving core-muscle tone and alignment. 

"After 10 sessions you'll feel a difference, 20 sessions you'll see a difference and 30 sessions you'll have a new body! "
Quote from J.Pilates (based on clients taking 3 classes a week)

Greater strength and muscle tone. Longer, leaner muscles. Better posture. Flatter stomach and trimmer waist. Increased core strength / stability. Helps prevent injury. Enhances functional fitness. Balances strength and flexibility. Heightens body awareness. Increased joint mobility. Complements other methods of exercise. Improves performance technique in sports / dance. Improves balance, coordination, circulation.Less incidence of back pain. Helps reduce stress and tension.

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What PEOPLE say ...

Introduction to PILATES by Ruth...


A good teacher inspires and Ruth has inspired me

to get the most out of her Pilates classes over the past four years. Pilates is a mindful exercise and Ruth is mindful that her clients do each movement effectively, comfortably and above all, safely. She always checks clients' injury histories, remembers these details and adapts exercises accordingly. Even in larger groups, Ruth provides that personal touch with individual attention, gentle correction and encouragement. Although we may groan when we do "The Hundred," I think we've all come to realise that it's not quantity but quality that counts and Ruth definitely provides a quality demonstration and explanation of what we should be doing and feeling. Her dedication to her students' well-being even extended to the meticulous preparation of worksheets so we could practice at home during her recent absence - on her honeymoon ! Such attention is certainly a big plus from RH+STUDIO. April Startup. Teacher

I have been doing Pilates with Ruth HOGG

for 5 weeks in Central on the recommendation of my wife who has been doing Pilates for about two years. My main motivation for taking Ruth's Pilates class was because I saw the results it gave my wife and because I wanted to improve my posture and stomach and back muscles to alleviate back pain. I have already noticed a difference since the 5 weeks since I have been attending the classes and am much more aware of my posture. I think Ruth's Pilates classes would be of use to anyone who works at a desk for long periods of time, particularly people who want to improve their general well-being, posture and strength, and to be aware of how bad posture can cause back pain. I have also found the Ruth's class to be good for stress relief as the exercises focus your mind away from other things. : Paul Forrester, Asia-Pacific Consumer Credit Risk, HSBC

I have been attending Pilates with Ruth for 2 years.

The difference it has made to my body shape and posture has been noticed by others and I am often asked if I have lost weight. I feel taller and slimmer and am constantly aware of my posture as a result of my twice weekly classes. Ruth is an excellent teacher, she clearly and carefully explains the exercises. Even in a large class she is able to help and correct each person by giving them individual attention. I would recommend Pilates with RH+STUDIO to anyone starting Pilates for the first time or wanting to start again. Usha Casewell, Lawyer.

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How are you sitting right now ? Take a moment to think about your posture.  Are you slumped over your computer with your head forward? Are your shoulders rounded? Before reading on, take a moment to think about your posture.
Try to lengthen your spine out like a string is attached to the crown of your head and pulling you towards the ceiling. Let your chest and shoulders open like a smile is painted across your chest. Notice how you feel from making this change - more energised ? - more confident ? Sitting hunched over at your desk for extended periods can cause the muscles on the front of your torso to shorten and your back muscles to become weak and stretched out. Over time, this causes muscle imbalance, leading to chronic back and neck pain. Poor posture in the office is the primary cause of neck and back pain and overall fatigue. According to the Hong Kong Government's labour department, over 70% of sedentary workers are suffering from, or have experienced lower back pain at their work place. 
Taking up Pilates is a great step towards preventing posture related injuries and reducing stress and muscle imbalance. Pilates works by re-balancing the body, adjusting the way you recruit muscles to produce movements. It changes the way you use your body, the way you move - restoring natural, normal movement.
Pilates also enhances mental alertness and productivity - a lunchtime Pilates class is the perfect way to stay energised before going back to the office! 

Why not come along to a lunchtime class at RH+STUDIO for an instant ENERGY BOOST!